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As It Looks.

This is the term given for work that goes into developing a web site. Work such as web design, web content development, client communication, scripting, web server as well as network security, and any e-commerce development that may be required. It is also commonly considered that web development refers to the main non-design aspects of web sites, be that writing mark-up or coding. This can range from developing simplest static pages to the complex web-based internet applications; examples of those being online businesses or social networks. During development there must be security taken into consideration, such as data entry error checking in any forms, filtering output, and of course encryption. There is an extensive variety of technologies that work on keeping information on the internet safe during transmission. Many sites use Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL) Certificates which are only issued by certificate authorities in an attempt to prevent any internet fraud. To gain this certificate requires a strong understanding of IT and internet security concerns.


Social Media can be a key to business success, especially when you consider how much networking and business is now happening online. Nearly every kind of businesses will be able to create a valuable Facebook network.


Got a piece of script that isn't quite right? We can help. Our expertise mean we are able to design custom modules and content for both HTML and CMS based websites, as well as fix problematic scripts you may already have.


We can design and create a wide variety of database solutions that can be incorporated into your website. So if you are wanting to do invoices, manage payments, keep track of employees out on jobs etc. We can help.