Responsive Web Design is making sure your website looks good on any device and at any width. We need to make sure that your website is easy to navigate and read on monitors, tablets and even on phones, which is very important now with the sheer amount of people accessing the internet through these mobile devices. This is achieved using grid layouts in CSS, and using percentages rather than fixed widths or heights in pixels so they are always the right size for the device they're being viewed on. We can also use something called a 'media query' and this is so we can change the attributes of an element on the page once it hits a certain width, such as making the menu collapse on a smaller screen. You can try this out on our website, when you minimise the window you can drag the edges to make the page appear smaller, as you will notice columns start stacking on top of each other and images shrink so everything is still easy to see and read even on a mobile phone.